Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Salt Lake Day

Salt Lake City
Jim had a Doctor appointment in Salt Lake and so we decided to take a ROAD TRIP. I know Salt Lake is not a big deal, but we have SPRING FEVER. So we dropped off dad at the clinic and the BOYS and I went exploring.

This is what we found. . .

The Capitol Building!

I have never really been this close to the capitol building and although it was under construction I thought it was amazing.

Liberty Park?

To the side and a long hike down from the capitol was this cute little park. I think it was a memorial to some service men. I loved the little Meditation Chapel.

Next stop. . . Temple Square!

Wow, I need to go there more often. There have been a lot of new things added. I loved the little family presentation. There was even a lady missionary from Russia that we talked too.

This one is for you, Anita!
Maybe if you went to my church, your kids could walk on water like mine can!

Then we walked through the Church Office Building and there was this sweet little lady that asked us if we wanted to go to the top of the building.


What a view!

Then we picked up daddy and went to lunch right down town at a Carls Jr. It was crazy, we had to pay a quarter to use the bathroom.

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Kristi said...

oh man I haven't been checking up on blogs nearly enough!! I love the picture of your kids "walking on water"!! you are such an amazing mom! I hope you had a wonderfull mother's day, you deserve it, and have earned it with four little boys!